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Can we believe that the whole earth was covered with water less than 5,000 years ago? Most people, including those who say they are Christian, would say no. However, there is a lot of geological evidence from all the continents and the sea floors suggesting a worldwide flood a few thousand years ago.

What about the creation account in Genesis chapter 1? Can we believe that this is a true historical account and that the life forms were created in the same order that we see in the creation account? Again, there is much geological evidence all over the world corroborating the view that the creation account represents true history.

The evidence is found in the book, R.J. Furuli, Can We Trust the Bible?  With Focus on the Creation Account, the Worldwide Flood, and the Prophecies (2018). The book is in E-pub format, has 1,500 pages and 1,100 photographs. It can be downloaded from Most of the evidence presented in this book, particularly regarding the worldwide flood, has not been presented in any other publication.


FIRST SECTION: The Hebrew Creation Account Compared With the Mesopotamian Creation Accounts and Modern Science.

  • The Mesopotamian creation accounts and the creation account in the Bible are given new translations. The parallels are placed side by side.
  • The views of heaven, the underworld, the geography of the earth, and the destiny of man in the Bible and Mesopotamian accounts are compared.
  • The accounts in the Bible about the creation of the Universe are compared with historical geology.

—The geologic column

—The geologic time table

—Radiometric dating

The conclusion of this discussion is that the earth may be 4,5 billion years. But the loose material on the surface of the earth representing the worldwide flood is only a few thousand years old.

  • The order of the creation of plants and animals in Genesis 1 is compared with the order of the fossils in the sedimentary rocks.

—The order is the same with one exception: Genesis says that green vegetation was

     created before marine animals. But diagrams of the geologic column disagree.

—Evidence of green vegetation from the Cambrian and Precambrian in India, Pakistan,

    Sweden, Estonia, Venezuela, Russia, the Czech Republic, USA, and Canada is

    presented. Genesis is correct and thediagrams of the  geologic column are wrong.

            The conclusion of the first section is that while the Bible writers did not have the modern

            view of the earth and the universe, their words corroborate this modern view, and there

            are no traces of the mythological views of the Babylonians.

SECOND SECTION: Evidence for the worldwide Flood.

     1)     Can we find traces of a worldwide flood in the oceans?

—There is a difference of about 350 m between old beaches on the continental shelves

    and raised beaches on land.

—There is evidence of a subduction of ocean floors. This may or may not have been

     caused by an addition of great amounts of water.

     2)     The most important evidence for the worldwide Flood are billions upon billions of

              erratic boulders, enormous amounts of moraine and sorted sand on all continents,

              including in the tropics.

            —In Northern Europe the mentioned phenomena are believed to have been caused by

                glaciers. But it is shown that this is impossible, because the force that can move

                glaciers is gravity, and the work of this force is very restricted.

            —Erratic boulders have been transported up to 1,800 km from southern Norway to the

                south, west and north. And erratic boulders have been transported to southern

                Norway from the south and the east. Glaciers could not have done this.

           —Huge erratic boulders of several hundred tons have been transported several hundred

                km over rugged land.

            —There are billions upon billions of erratic boulders and moraine in the mountains of

                Norway and other countries on all continents, that have been elevated 100, 1,000, and

                2,000 m. Glaciers cannot move stones upwards.

            —The phenomena mentioned above are also found in the tropics, in the lowlands and on

                mountain tops. Glaciers have not existed in the tropics in the Quaternary.

3)   The Missoula flood in USA transported great numbers of erratic boulders and moraine,

      similar to those that in Norway is ascribed to moving glaciers.

4)    The ice age came after the worldwide flood, and the area the ice covered was much smaller

       than what geologists today believe.

5)   The ice in Greenland and Antarctica does not contradict account of the worldwide flood.

6)    The remains of perhaps as many as 50 million Mammoths and millions of other animals in

        the permafrost in Alaska and Siberia together with tree logs and plant matter support the

         account of the worldwide Flood.

THIRD SECTION: The prophecies of the Bible.

  • The uses of Hebrew infinitive absolute, and the use of perfect and consecutive imperfect with future reference are rare. The use of these forms throughout the book of Isaiah indicates that the book does not have three but only one author.
  • Prophecies of Isaiah and Daniel that were fulfilled after the oldest manuscripts of the books were copied are discussed. This supports the dates of writing of Isaiah in the 8th century and of Daniel in the 6th century BCE.
  • Prophecies of Isaiah, Daniel and Matthew dealing with Babylon and Greece, and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE are discussed.

   FOURTH SECTION: The Bible compared with the Pseudepigrapha and Apochrypha.

  • What the Bible and the other books say about death and judgement is discussed
  • Did Jude Quote 1 Enoch?
  • Did Jesus have the same view of the punishment of sinners as 1 Enoch?

FIFTH SECTION: The restoration of all things


About 30,000 photographs of about 1,200 glaciers that partially have melted have been considered. Two hundred photographs from melted glaciers are presented. And these photographs show nothing similar to the erratic boulders, moraine, and sorted sand that in Norway are believed to have been caused by moving glaciers. These photos show that the ability of a glacier to transport stones and other material is very restricted.

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